Monday, 13 June 2011


Ok so I thought this would just start of sending to a few internet friends of mine...which is were the first few are going....and then they'd send away to their friends. BUT WOW! this is crazy. On the Facebook group we have gone from 2 'likers' to to 38 'liker' in an hour. So folks. Don't be mad if you do not receive one. Just put your name on the list and be patient. We will try to get to everyone.

This is gonna be fun!!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Welcome to the many adventures (or mis adventures) of the amigurumis. Bentley has been created and you can view him in the Meet the Amigurumi's Tab at the top. Stay tuned as more are created. You can follow us on facebook (check the app on the side) I will leave a section that people can leave their name if they want to take part in our little friends travels! Thanks for following and playing along!