Amigurumi Mis Adventures

These little amigurumi friends wish to travel the world. If you receive one in the mail please follow along and help their dreams come true. There are a few rules that everyone must follow.

1.      Please respect the Amigurumi. They have feelings too. They are NOT for kids/pets to “play” with.
2.      Take a minimum of 2 pictures of your critter. These pictures should be at a landmark/sign or a scenic area or someplace fun/funny.
3.      Please keep the pictures family friendly.
4.      Email the pictures along with a few sentences about what they did on their adventure while they were with you to :
5.      Send/Pass the amigurumi on to someone else. This person must be a willing recipient of the game/swap. The recipient does NOT have to knit or crochet. They only have to have a digital camera and be able to email pictures.
6.      You may(but do not have to) add a souvenier to the amigurumi’s box. This could be a pin from your area, a postcard, or a badge(bought or homemade)
7.      And finally please sign the travel log. Just your name and city is fine. You can also add your email address if you like. But remember people from all over the world might see this box.

Important Notes:
1.      pictures will be posted on their blog at as well on their Facebook page.
2.      If you receive this box and it is near the end of June 2012 OR if you have nobody to send it to please ship it back to me. If this happens please email me at and I will give you instructions on where to send the box.
REMEMBER!!!! This is for fun. And please make sure the person you send it too is willing to play along. We don’t want our little friends lost in the big world!